The Council

Sheepmeat Industry Strategic Plan

Sheepmeat Council of Australia is currently developing the Sheepmeat Industry Strategic Plan (SISP) to provide a vision for the sheep industry for 2015-2020 and support the continued growth of the industry.


The SISP will provide a blueprint for industry and government investments in:

  • Market growth and diversification strategies;

  • Industry food safety and quality assurance systems;

  • Animal health, wellbeing and biosecurity programs;

  • On-farm productivity and supply chain efficiency;

  • Industry leadership, capacity and capability.


About SCA

Our goal is to deliver lobbying outcomes that enhance the integrity, profitability and sustainability of the Australian Sheepmeat industry.



2014 Sheepmeat Annual Muster- Available now!

Sheepmeat Council of Australia’s (SCA) free Annual Muster publication provides a snapshot summary of SCA’s work undertaken throughout the year on behalf of sheepmeat producers to underpin our market access, and ultimately returns to producers.

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2014 Sheepmeat Annual Muster

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Media & News

SCA President’s Message- June 2015

Jeff Murray, SCA President Over the past two months I have had a number of opportunities to meet with producers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and my home state of Western Australia. It has been a great chance to hear from more producers about the issues that are affecting their businesses. There is greatRead more

Improving abattoir feedback to sheep producers

Two new industry initiatives will provide producers with valuable feedback to assist them make informed decisions about on-farm animal health management and meeting market specifications. A new electronic carcase feedback system has been launched by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), which has the potential to save Australian sheep producers millions of dollars each year. MLA’sRead more

Improving access to AgVet Chemical products for sheep producers

It is critical that sheep producers in Australia have access to the best available animal health products. Currently our trade competitors New Zealand enjoy access to a range of products not available in Australia. SCA and WPA are currently working with the Federal Government, levy service providers and animal health companies to help improve accessRead more