Live Export

The Livestock Export Industry is an integral part of the Australian agricultural economy contributing AUD 1.8billion each year to Australia’s gross domestic product.

The live sheep export trade has grown substantially since 1985 when around 1000 sheep were exported annually from Western Australia to Singapore. Today, the trade is crucial to the sustainability of Australia’s sheep producers and provides a vital contribution to regional and rural communities throughout Australia and overseas.

Australian live sheep exports were valued at $298 million in 2009-10. The live sheep export trade also underpins sheep prices received throughout the domestic markets in Australia.The principal live sheep export markets include Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

The Middle East relies heavily on locally processed fresh sheepmeat from Australia to feed a growing population. Australian sheep are disease-free, healthy and supplied at a competitive per kilogram rate. The supply of fresh meat is important to the region for religious and cultural reasons.

The Middle East is Australia’s largest overseas market for live sheep. Around 3 million sheep were exported to the Middle East in 2009-10, with Kuwait taking the largest shipments (around 31%), followed by Bahrain (around 19%) and Qatar (around 12%).

SCA continues to support the Government in its implemantation of the regualtory system, the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) that is now in place in 100% of Australia’s export markets.

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Animal Care and Management

The livestock export industry aims for continuous improvement to livestock management, health and welfare throughout the entire supply chain from on-farm through to post-arrival at the destination.

To help achieve these aims Australia’s livestock industries invest heavily in research and development programs and initiatives to improve the animal welfare outcomes throughout the entire supply chain.

Australia’s ongoing involvement in the trade is positively influencing animal care and welfare outcomes globally.

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