Wild Dogs

They have had a major impact on the viability of sheep production in many parts of Australia.

Managing these impacts is essential to ensuring there is a future for sheep production in many parts of Australia, particularly in pastoral regions.

SCA Director Mark Murphy said feedback from producers reinforced the critical importance of collaboration from industry and government in tackling the issue.

“SCA recently held a producer forum in Queensland and heard directly from producers that wild dogs are threatening the viability of sheep production in many districts.

“It is the single issue causing the greatest effect on producers there, economically and emotionally, and we’re seeing wild dogs becoming a bigger issue in all states.

“The sheepmeat industry is experiencing a period of record exports. We continue to see growing demand for our product, particularly in Asia. However, if we are going to take advantage of these opportunities we need to increase production and guarantee supply.

At the launch of the National Wild Dog Action Plan in Armidale on Friday 4 July 2014, the Minister for Agriculture, the

Hon. Barnaby Joyce officially endorsed the Plan and announced the allocation of a $280,000 grant.

The money will be used for initiating the implementation of the Plan, as well as on-the-ground work with landholders managing wild dogs.

As an industry-driven initiative the Plan has been developed to provide producers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage wild dogs. SCA looks forward to continuing to work with other sheep industry stakeholders to develop and implement the National Wild Dog Action Plan.

SCA has been active in the development of the Plan through the National Wild Dog Action Plan Steering Committee, which was co-ordinated by WoolProducers Australia. SCA Director (Queensland), Mark Murphy, represents the sheepmeat industry on the Steering Committee.

For more information about the National Wild Dog Action Plan please visit: http://www.woolproducers.com.au/national-wild-dogs-action-plan/