Building leadership capability for the sheep industry

The success of the Australian sheep meat industry over the past 20 years has been attributed to strong leadership, sound policy development and strategic planning.

Through the Sheep Industry Strategic Plan (SISP) consultation process, the industry has identified that a key issue to be addressed in the SISP 2015-2020 is ensuring effective industry leadership, and capacity in the areas of policy development and producer capability.

The Sheepmeat Council of Australia, with Meat and Livestock Australia, is providing a range of exciting opportunities for sheepmeat producers to develop their leadership capability through the “Building leadership capability for the sheep industry” project.

The three year project aims to ensure that the Australian sheep industry attracts, develops and retains people with the right leadership skills to contribute to the long-term viability of the industry.

Over the next two and a half years the SCA will be undertaking a number of activities to build leadership capability for the sheepmeat industry. The program intends to develop a cohort of emerging leaders for;

–         Succession planning and strategic contributions on boards, committees and in the sheep industry and communities as a whole,

–         To develop the skills and experience of industry participants in the sector,

–         To develop forward thinking strategic leaders who can actively contribute to the industry and sheep production into the future, and,

–         To ensure that MLA R&D and Marketing outcomes are widely communicated.

Applications are currently open for the Sheepmeat Industry Leadership Program.

The Sheepmeat Industry Leadership Program is an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and build networks across the sheepmeat industry

Media release


Applications for the following two programs have closed.

The first is the Sheepmeat Industry Governance Scholarship where five sheepmeat producers per year for the next three years will have the opportunity to receive specialist training in corporate governance from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The second is the Sheepmeat Industry Ambassador Award for two young producers, aged between 22 and 40, who will represent the industry as ambassadors, working with the SCA to boost the profile of young people in the industry. The award involves a study tour through Australia and New Zealand as part of the Tri-Lamb Group delegation including attendance at LambEx 2016 in Albury in August 2016.


Check out the project launch media release: Sheepmeat Council MR – New sheepmeat industry initiative to boost leaership potential.

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