Sheepmeat Industry Strategic Plan

SISP 2020- Positioning the Australian Sheepmeat industry for future success.

About the plan

The Sheepmeat Industry Strategic Plan 2015-20 (SISP 2020) sets out the sheepmeat industry’s strategic priorities for the coming five years and serves as a blueprint and call to action by all parts of the industry.

The plan has been developed with a focus on 2030 – fifteen years’ time – because certain important decisions to be made now will only start to exert a major influence some years after the life of this plan.

SISP 2020 has been developed on behalf of industry, under the guidance of the Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA).

The Plan very strongly aligns to, and nests within the overarching framework provided for the red meat industry through the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2015-20 (MISP 2020). MISP 2020 has utilised expert input from all parts of the red meat industry to provide economic modelling which has informed the priorities set out in this plan.


Major economic modelling was undertaken as part of the development of MISP 2020. While the focus of that modelling was on the red meat industry as a whole, specific data for the sheepmeat industry was extracted and used in the development of this plan.

The modelling estimates that, if all of the activities in the MISP 2020 pertinent to the sheepmeat sector were to be undertaken at an annual investment of $58m, the plan would deliver increased net industry income of $728 million by 2020 and $3.49 billion by 2030 on the baseline projection.

Key outcomes expected from SISP 2020

  1. Systems in place that allow information flowing up and down the value chain to aid decision making and improve quality at all stages.
  2. Reduced losses in the national flock including marking rates increased by 5 percentage points and ewe mortality rates decreased by 1 percentage point.
  3. The successful definition and marketing of a yearling product: 1.39 million head underpinned by MSA without compromising the lamb category.
  4. Improved access of Australian sheepmeat to key global markets: new market opportunities valued at $61 million by 2020 and $334 million by 2030.
  5. The establishment of a collaborative sheep innovation centre to succeed the Sheep CRC in 2019.
  6. Continuous improvement in product quality: quality increased by 2 MSA consumer points by 2020 whilst maintaining or improving lean meat yield.

The full SISP 2020 document is available here

The MISP 2020 is available from the Red Meat Advisory Council page by clicking here